2M GLASS DIVISION is a company expressly specialized in designing and producing high-tech glass cutting tables and cutting lines. Our company offers to its customers an expert advice service in the planning of the interior spaces.

Thanks to the experience of its staff, 2M Glass Division suggests the most appropriate machine for every customer which can be designed and custom made

All equipments are developed by our design department that is continuously in contact with the final users to understand and to anticipate any new market demand.

The next steps of construction and assembly are executed by our specialized technicians in our headquarter and the post sale service is internally provided by

With the self-diagnostic program, the remote assistance (of which all machines are equipped) and the post sale service, that all customers exploit, we are able to guarantee a contingent maintenance intervention in a very short time.

This happens thanks to the perfect union between an optimal mechanical component (precision ground and hardened racks, special cutting head) and high quality electronics which make our machinery an excellence of made in Italy.

2M Glass Division in particular, is specialized in the construction of:
- monolithic glass cutting machines and plants
- laminated glass cutting machines and plants
- combined glass cutting tables
- break and load tables
- glass loaders
- sale of used glass cutting machines